Week 11: Independent Work

Basic Black and White Photography with Matthew Swarts

Robert Frank

Robert Frank

For the remainder of the semester you are free (!) to work on a project of your own design, which will make up roughly 40% of your grade for the semester.  Your work on this project must be unified conceptually, formally, and verbally. You have to elaborate your ideas, in other words, in visual, oral, and written form. Your work, however, can literally take ANY form, provided you are using as base material the skills and equipment discussed in class.  You could make a group of prints, a collection of objects, or a book, etc.  The point is that this work should be something you are truly excited about (as there will be no excuses anymore about the assignments!) and something that will sustain you for the rest of the semester. Please note that our class time together will shift slightly to allow you more in-class time to work on your projects. Each week you will have at least one class session to work in the darkroom, so plan accordingly. Please choose your final project carefully, choose wisely, and have fun!

The fundamental difference in doing independent work is that now your ideas and their visual form(s) must be unified and sustained over the group of images and/or objects you create.  You must present at least 10 final images and/or objects for evaluation, and they must work together as a group.

To get you started, this week I would like you to expose at least two rolls of film, and make 4-6 images of several possible project ideas.  Please bring your contact sheets to class, as they are essential at this stage for our discussion. Please write several paragraphs about your ideas and the projects they suggest, and submit them to me in the comment form below:

Artist SpotlightJim Goldberg: Raised by Wolves

Raised by Wolves from Jim Goldberg on Vimeo.