what is digital photography for?

Technology has recently altered our ability to clearly define photography, and this is liberating. This class will explore image-making from a digital perspective.  We will spend time discussing the theoretical and historical implications of imaging technology, but our time will be primarily focused upon discovering new ways for using the digital camera and the computer to make interesting things, with a de-emphasis on worrying about how to name or define them.

What constitutes photography is up for grabs, and an interesting question.  Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

We will work with Adobe Photoshop and any other programs you are interested in sharing and exploring.  Roughly half the semester will be spent exploring and acquiring technical skills, with the remainder of the time devoted to independent work.

The focus of this class is really your independent work. Each of you is responsible for creating a significant body of work. This could take many forms: a series of images or objects, a web or slide show, a movie, or group of animations, hundreds of stickers, tshirts, etc.  Toward the end of the semester we will decide collectively how to showcase our work: as, for example, an exhibition, a website, a porfolio, a movie, a series of emails, a deck of playing cards, etc.

A word about critiques: each week or at least every other week, we will try to make time to discuss each other’s work.  This will take the form of a discussion where each of us should have an equal footing, with myself serving as something of a moderator.  From the beginning, you should try your best to speak from your hearts and to learn from each other’s comments.   Please respect each other’s voices—often many of the true gems of a workshop experience come from your peers.  Remember from the outset when discussing someone else’s work to keep comments and criticisms as constructively honest and helpful as possible.  This is very important.  Hopefully, when we look at pictures, we will be looking at and talking about art.  So please remember: in matters of art, there are no facts, only opinions.  Please act accordingly.