Noise gradients inside pixel spaces without photographic information (2019).

How do you make (a photograph) (without a camera) in space that is increasingly electronic, mathematical, and abstract?

And what remains if our precious data is lost?



“The original meaning of “noise” was “unwanted signal”; unwanted electrical fluctuations in signals received by AM radios caused audible acoustic noise (“static”). By analogy, unwanted electrical fluctuations are also called “noise”.[1] [2]

Image noise can range from almost imperceptible specks on a digital photograph taken in good light, to optical and radioastronomical images that are almost entirely noise, from which a small amount of information can be derived by sophisticated processing. Such a noise level would be unacceptable in a photograph since it would be impossible even to determine the subject.”–Wikipedia


  1. Various sounds, usually unwanted or unpleasant.
    He knew that it was trash day, when the garbage collectors made all the noise.
  2. Sound or signal generated by random fluctuations.
  3. (technology) Unwanted part of a signal. (Signal to noise ratio)
  4. (genetics) The measured level of variation in gene expression among cells, regardless of source, within a supposedly identical population.
  5. Rumour or complaint.
    The problems with the new computer system are causing a lot of noise at Head Office.
  1. slope or incline.
  2. rate of inclination or declination of a slope.
  3. (calculus) Of a function y = f(x) or the graph of such a function, the rate of change of y with respect to x
    that is, the amount by which y changes for a certain (often unit) change in x
    equivalently, the inclination to the X axis of the tangent to the curve of the graph.
  4. (sciences) The rate at which a physical quantity increases or decreases relative to change in a given variable, especially distance.
  5. (mathematical analysis) A differential operator that maps each point of a scalar field to a vector pointed in the direction of the greatest rate of change of the scalar. Notation for a scalar field φ: ∇φ
  6. gradual change in color. A color gradientgradation.