In this prearranged and collaborative performative investigation, (presented here as raw capture made in his office in 2003), I question and trade roles with my former psychiatrist, Dr. Shervert V. Frazier (d.2015), Director Emeritus, McLean Hospital, Belmont, Massachusetts, former director of the National Institute for Mental Health. In much the same way that a patient confronting the idea of mental illness must negotiate the contemporary psychiatric complex, we examine several philosophical ideas related to intersubjectivity and the problems of other minds, what might constitute an art event or experience, what might constitute psychiatric medicine, and how we might posit and counterbalance proportionality in relationship and love. Although this was a planned and pre-agreed upon art performance consented to by both parties, I was not certain what would happen. In perhaps the most disturbing, absurd, and violent act in the video, I dive across his desk to make clear space. This was the only image I knew I wanted in the video. 

In 2009, release of this video to my colleagues at Ramapo College of New Jersey (as I was being evaluated for tenure) resulted in discriminatory actions specifically prohibited by the Americans with Disabilities Act (a federal program administered by the United States Department of Justice which, among many other subgroups, protects the rights of disabled persons suffering from bipolar disorder).

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