The art moves through the viewer while the viewer moves through the art: notes on experimenting inside Virtual Reality (VR).

October 12, 2016 - 2 minutes read

This is the raw video feed coming out of an HTC Vive Headset while someone walks inside Edgecombe One (2016), a room-sized experience I am building for Virtual Reality (VR). Over the past several months I have been falling in love with the tools and experiences offered in VR/AR (Augmented Reality), and with the help of a few wonderful friends, I’ve been exploring the idea of making art for virtual experiences. 

What’s fascinating to me about experimenting in virtual reality is that you are actually on the inside of something that is made for you to explore at will. Instead of looking at something carefully arranged in a distinct space, the space is all around you, created by the artist, and you may be experiencing it anywhere locally. In VR the dynamic between the viewer and the object is really rearranged interestingly. The art moves through the viewer while the viewer moves through the art.

In this piece, I’ve collected small digital artifacts from an iPhone. Inside Unity (a video game editing software suite) I made spherical video textures that play and rotate on transparent spheres moving and re-scaling according so some simple math inputs about a sine wave that creates the “breathing” of the objects three dimensionally. In this case, I have been making things in my studio specifically for the HTC Vive, but this piece is easily transcribable to other platforms. 

Look for more updates on my fascination with VR soon!

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