Matthew Swarts + The Alternatives (2017) Book Project (IN PROGRESS!)

Super excited to share some preliminary images from my new book project, The Alternatives (2017). Special…

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Matthew Swarts Lesley A Martin Der Greif

Matthew Swarts + Lesley A. Martin’s Guest-Room @ Der Greif

Delighted and very honored to be a part of Lesley A. Martin’s curatorial selection on…

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Matthew Swarts + SLIDELUCK GLOBAL present The Alternatives (A Video Slideshow)

Super excited to share SLIDELUCK GLOBAL's presentation of The Alternatives. If you've ever been curious... Read More

Matthew Swarts + Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles @ PULSE MIAMI BEACH/Art Basel Miami Beach 2015

I am truly delighted to announce my participation in Kopeikin Gallery’s installation at Pulse Miami…

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Matthew Swarts + SLIDELUCK GLOBAL @ Bydgoszcz, Poland

Super proud to be a part of SLIDELUCK GLOBAL’s production in Bydgoszcz, Poland! Many sincere thanks…

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Matthew Swarts + Kopeikin Gallery @ UNSEEN PHOTO FAIR/AMSTERDAM 2015

So proud and honored to have work going up as part of Kopeikin Gallery’s installation…

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Matthew Swarts + Kopeikin Gallery @ SEATTLE ART FAIR 2015

Delighted to have work from both BETH and The Alternatives on view at Kopeikin Gallery’s…

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Matthew Swarts + GUP Magazine (The Netherlands)

Very excited to announce the publication of my work in GUP Magazine #45 Evolution out of…

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Matthew Swarts + NEW GIFTS @ Columbia University

So elated to announce my participation in NEW GIFTS, The Creative Technologies Exhibition at Macy…

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Matthew Swarts + LENSCRATCH

It is an incredible honor (and a delight!) to be featured on Lenscratch today! My…

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Matthew Swarts + SLIDELUCK (Boston)

So Delighted to be showing work from The Alternatives at the very first SLIDELUCK BOSTON!…

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Matthew Swarts: PROCESSING @ Kopeikin Gallery (Los Angeles)

I am thrilled to announce my first exhibition with Kopeikin Gallery (Los Angeles): Matthew Swarts:…

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Matthew Swarts + SMBHMag (feature)

Really delighted to have this feature and interview about The Alternatives on Super Massive Black…

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Matthew Swarts + WIRED (feature)

Delighted and very honored to have my work featured on WIRED today. My most sincere…

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Matthew Swarts + THE ALTERNATIVES (2014)

New work on the website: THE ALTERNATIVES (http://matthewswarts.com/projects/alternatives/)

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